Lawn Maintenance in Orlando...Do it Yourself Or Leave it to the Pros??

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Lawn maintenance in Orlando - and anywhere else - can be a dreaded chore. There so much to do...mowing, trimming, fertilizing, edging, dealing with pesky pests...the list is endless! If you'd rather leave the job up to someone else, consider hiring a lawn maintenance service for your Orlando home.

Here are our top10 tips to insure that the local Orlando-based lawn maintenance company you hire will do the job right.

1. Decide what you want from your lawn maintenance service in Orlando. Most offer fertilizing, weed and lawn-damaging pest control, aerating, mowing, and small tree and shrub maintenance. Some Orlando-based lawn maintenance services even offer sod installation and tree removal, which can come in quite handy.
2. Inquire about the lawn maintenance company's philosophy and methods. This includes their pesticide spraying methods, soil testing, fertilization, etc. and their knowledge of the Orlando climate and its challenges relating to your landscape.
3. Talk to your neighbors in Orlando who utilize lawn maintenance services. This is a good way to determine which services operate in your area and get an Orlando homeowner's recommendations.
4. Request a lawn inspection and a free estimate from the company. Beware of lawn maintenance companies that quote "guaranteed" annual prices without having seen your lawn.
5. Ask what services are included and the cost for each. Some lawn maintenance companies based in Orlando require a yearly contact; others work on verbal agreements that can be discontinued by the customer at any time.
6. Check around to determine if you can save money by paying an annual fee up front; this method is more convenient than paying your lawn maintenance contractor after each treatment.
7. Understand what services the lawn maintenance company is proposing to provide before work starts. Find out what treatments are included, approximately when they will be applied, and what results can be expected.
8. Ask about their guarantees. Some lawn maintenance companies will assure performance, and others will refund your money if the work is unsatisfactory.
9. Make sure the lawn maintenance service is licensed to apply lawn-care products as required by Orlando.
10. Check with the Orlando Better Business Bureau to find more information on a specific lawn maintenance company's service record.

The services your lawn maintenance service in Orlando offers should range from basic weekly lawn care to irrigation installation and repairs, sod installation and advising you in making the best choice of shrubs and plantings. Well in advance of storm season, you might want to contact your local Orlando lawn maintenance company to assist you in the removal of unstable trees or tree limbs that hang precariously over your house, posing a threat to you and your property.
Remember...a well maintained lawn increases the value of your property...shouldn't you trust it to a professional who has been thoroughly trained in the lawn maintenance techniques relative to Orlando? Find a dependable lawn maintenance company in Orlando who can provide low-cost, exceptional service in a timely manner...then sit back and relax!
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