Stop Smoking with E Cigs

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If you have decided that you are ready to quit smoking once and for all, then you have most likely committed to trying anything and everything. If you are tired of your jaws hurting for chewing so much nicotine gum, cannot feel your arm because of the nicotine patches and all of your pen tops have been chewed to bits, you may think that all hope is lost.

You could not be more wrong. You have one more avenue to try – electronic cigarettes. The best thing about e cigs is that they mimic the look and feel of the real thing. After all, the habit of smoking is perhaps even more difficult to satiate than the addiction to nicotine, hence the chewed pen tops.

What is an E Cig?

Since their debut to the market only a few years ago, e cigarettes have helped thousands of people to quit smoking and break the habit forever. These battery-operated gadgets give you all the pleasures of smoking without all of the harmful side effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The nicotine liquid is encased in a cartridge and vaporized. You get the nicotine that you crave, at the level you prefer and you do not have to worry about odors and harmful carcinogens being released into the air around you. The vapor gives the appearance of smoke, but nothing more.

Studies on commercial smoking found that the cancer causing toxins come from burning the tobacco, as opposed to from the nicotine itself. This research was the base of the development of a system that vaporizes the nicotine, removing burning from the equation altogether.

Where Are E Cigs Available for Purchase?

E cigarettes, kits and accessories are available at local stores, but you will often find better prices and more variety by doing your shopping on the Internet. A wide variety of electronic cigarettes and all the accessories you need are available online with product reviews that will help you choose the product that is right for you.

Keep in mind when you are shopping for you e cig system that they are not always marketed as aids for quitting smoking. Only recently, the Food and Drug Administration approved domestic sale of these devices. Most smokers who are looking to quit do not buy the kits that are marketed as cessation tools, instead they tend to go with a popular brand name.

If you choose a basic starter kit, it will most likely come will all the accessories that you need to begin your quest to stop smoking. You may also choose to buy all of the tools separately. If so, make sure you get everything that you need, including an electronic cigarette, battery, cartridge, eLiquid and a battery charger. The most affordable option for a beginner is a set that features various eLiquid flavors and strengths.

Be sure you follow the instructions that come with the e cigarette that you purchase in order to make sure you get the best performance and maximum battery life. If your cartridges tend to dry too quickly, simply add a drop of flavor liquid to solve the problem.

How Do You Use E Cigs?

Although similar to smoking tobacco cigarettes, this type of smoking is not exactly the same experience. For example, it is not necessary to take more than one or two puffs per hour on your electronic cigarette in order to maintain a nicotine level that keeps you comfortable as you are trying to quit. In addition, you may want to take a number of small drags to get one good, potent puff.

Just like with nicotine gum or nicotine patches, you need to stop smoking traditional cigarettes during use of the e cigarettes, or at least decrease frequency. After all, you are trying to quit smoking.

Most users choose to switch completely to e cigs from the very beginning. The only complaint is resisting the urge to light up a traditional tobacco cigarette, which is less complicated in most cases, especially for users who are no so tech friendly.

Finally, just like with any other method to stop smoking, even with electronic cigarettes you still need a good system of support to help you along you journey. In addition to the support of friends and family, you will also find a number of online communities set up for e smokers. You will find information on technical issues with e cigarettes, support in your efforts as well as product news, making it easier than ever to stop smoking.
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