Cool Fireplace Ideas

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    Hanging Branch With Tillandsia

    • Put a modern, nature-inspired spin on your fireplace by hanging a twisted branch from the ceiling above the fireplace. Hang the branch using clear fishing line and hook screws. Suspend it over the fireplace so that it hangs about halfway between the ceiling and the mantle. This draws the eye upward and visually connects the fireplace to the ceiling. For added visual interest, consider painting the branch a color that contrasts with the wall paint. Once the branch is hung, place three to five tillandsia plants (air plants) on the branch. These plants look fresh and beautiful, are low-maintenance and do not require soil.


    • Place a large mirror above the mantel or over the fireplace itself. Hanging a large mirror above the fireplace makes the room feel larger and also visually connects the fireplace to the ceiling. If your fireplace is not used regularly consider putting an interesting mirror in front of the fireplace itself. Not only does this hide the unattractive interior of the fireplace, it makes it look glamorous and adds visual interest.


    • Add brightly colored tiles to the exterior of your fireplace. This gives the fireplace a modern look and updates the look of the room. Use tiles that complement your decor and stand out from the wall color. By decorating with reflective tiles you can add sparkle to the room, as well. Though tiling can be done by knowledgeable homeowners, doing this project alone is not recommended.

    Painted Brick

    • Paint tired-looking brick fireplaces to give them a cool, contemporary look. Many people are afraid to paint brick because it permanently changes the feature. In a room that is overwhelmed by a brick fireplace, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Use a color that is a few shades away from your wall color. This makes the fireplace stand out while still allowing it to tie into your decor.

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