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Like many people I love traveling and really look forward to my holidays.
Whether you're traveling by yourself, with friends, family or a partner I've written the following article to inform you of the best tips I've come across in my years of traveling.
I hope this article informs you of how to stay safe and have a great time.
I would always recommend purchasing travel insurance.
Even if you're going away for a long weekend I would look into the cost of travel insurance.
Losing money or luggage on holiday or having a problem with your hotel can really put a dampener on your holiday and can become extremely expensive.
When flying abroad I would recommend purchasing a good lock for your suitcase so that no one can access your stuff when you leave your suitcase.
I would also recommend purchasing an unusual looking suitcase or put a bit of bright tape on the suitcase.
I've often stood at the baggage terminal after a long flight looking at every black suitcase coming past me to see whether it's mine.
It takes a long time and isn't an enjoyable way to end your holiday.
This will make it stand out from the crowd and you'll see it instantly.
I would also recommend letting people know where you plan to travel to and keep the updated on a regular basis.
I feel this is vital so that you're safe and if there is anything wrong it can be detected straight away.
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