How to Make Home Decorations From Pine Cones

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    Pine Cone Candle Sleeve

    • 1). Measure around the circumference of a 6-inch-tall pillar candle using a measuring tape. Add 1/2 inch to the circumference measurement. Cut a strip of lightweight cardboard 3 inches wide by the circumference measurement.

    • 2). Lay a scrap of burlap on your work surface. Center the cardboard strip on the burlap. Cut the burlap around the cardboard 1/2 inch from the edges of the strip.

    • 3). Fold over the 1/2 inch of burlap extending from each edge. Using hot glue, secure the folded fabric to the cardboard strip. This side of the strip is the inside of the sleeve.

    • 4). Wrap the length of the sleeve around the pillar candle. Secure the overlapping ends using hot glue.

    • 5). Glue miniature pine cones around the burlap sleeve using hot glue.

    • 6). Cut the heads from assorted dried flowers, leaving 1 inch of the stems attached. Apply hot glue to the ends of the stems. Tuck the flowers between the pine cones.

    Pine Cone Garland

    • 1). Unwrap approximately 10 inches from the end of a spool of paddle wire. Do not cut the wire.

    • 2). Wind the end of the wire around the first row of petals on the pointed tip, middle or flat bottom of a pine cone. Twist the wire to secure.

    • 3). Attach the next pine cone right next to the first in the same way.

    • 4). Continue attaching pine cones until the garland is as long as desired. Cut the end of the wire using wire cutters.

    Pine Cone Picture Frame

    • 1). Clip off the tip of a pine cone using small pruning shears or heavy-duty scissors. This leaves a small deck at the top of the cone, revealing the first row of petals.

    • 2). Clip off each individual petal as close to the center of the pine cone as possible. The amount of pine cones and petals needed will depend on the size of your picture frame.

    • 3). Lay a wooden picture frame with a flat, smooth surface on your work table. Apply a line of hot glue along the top edge of the frame. Lay petals side-by-side in the hot glue, with the rounded edges of the petals at the top.

    • 4). Apply another line of hot glue on the frame below the first row of petals. Lay another row of petals on the frame in the same way as the first row, overlapping the bottom half of the petals on the first row. Continue to add additional rows until the surface at the top of the frame is covered.

    • 5). Apply the petals on both side surfaces of the frame with the rounded edges of the petals at the top.

    • 6). Apply petals along the bottom of the frame in the same way as the top and sides. The bottom edge of the frame is the only place where the cut edges of the petals are exposed.

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