The Naked (yet Comforting) Truth About Hope Mills Homes For Sale

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Do you dream of having a house, say, a spacious colonial house strategically seated on a corner lot with four bedrooms with two baths and fireplace? It will only cost you around $233,000 in Hope Mills, North Carolina. Or, a more luxurious two-storey, five-bedroom house in the center of a two-acre lot which has a mere price tag of $350,000? Or, a two-storey four-bedroom abode in the Bridlewood Subdivision?

The sales market is undeniably flooded (and overflowing) with too many homes for sale these days, and many of these are low-priced. Home buyers, however, are still adamant and asking if its better to purchase existing homes for sale or build or even buy a newly built one. Here is the naked truth and only the truth about homes for sale, including houses in Hope Mills real estate.

Larger homes for sale are generally more affordable than smaller and newly built houses. Thus, you may even end up having a spare to buy your other needs (i.e. new fixtures or furniture, etc.) for your new abode. And these large houses are usually seated in a relatively huge lot as well. Even living and dining areas are spacious and that there are more bedrooms; which are unlikely in newer and uniform models of houses. And with a large house on a similarly large open space, one can only imagine what family gatherings or occasions a home owner can do.

As they say, old houses have more character, which might even blend in with the personality of the would-be owner. But if not, minimal update is just needed to complement the over-all structure of the house. Another advantage is the aspect of moving in you can occupy the property within a month or two, unlike in a home youre planning to build, which takes about three to six months or even a year to construct. Plus the fact that house materials may vary in season or in accordance with the demand. Raw materials used in old houses seem to be more compact and outlasts even the newer construction ones, just like brick houses among Hope Mills homes for sale. Even contractor and workers fees involve a huge chunk in the budget.

Unless the house had undergone a thorough home inspection, homes for sale can be a so-so purchase and a nightmare. From leaky roofs and faucets, outmoded electrical wirings, old and non-functional appliances and furniture, lead-based paints, asbestos, to foundation problems, most, if not all of these can be encountered in an old, lest, non-maintained house for sale. Structural problems due to land movements or termite infestation are considered the biggest problem and complaint among home buyers of existing houses. This can be checked out regularly when constructing a new home. Renovations can be an added expense as well, not to mention to your already stressful home buying process.

But with a newly built home, you have the freedom you want when it comes to specifications of the house, amenities, interior decorations and fixtures you prefer, unlike in existing homes where youd make do of what you have chanced upon and bought.

In all these, whether you buy a home for sale or build a new one, its your choice and call. What really matters is that youll end up with roofs over your heads and have a shelter to call your own. Not everyone, only a few, have the privilege to be a home owner, anyways.
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