How to Reduce Fatty Foods

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    Reducing Fat

    • 1). Any of the items listed above can replace fats such as oils, butter, margarine, shortening in baking recipes, but applesauce works best in light recipes such as muffins and breads. Black beans and zucchini work best in chocolate recipes, such as cake and brownies. White beans work great in cookie and bars recipes, such as oatmeal cookies or blondies. Low fat yogurt works in recipes where the end result is dense, like bundt cakes and brownies. Lastly, pumpkin puree goes well in any recipe where pumpkin would be a complementary flavor such as coffee cakes, brownies and spice cookies. Replace the called-for fat with your fat substitute in a 1:1 ratio, following the original directions. Bake at 350F for the recommended time, adding additional time as necessary to compensate for the lower temperature--low fat and fat-free baked goods will dry out if baked at a higher temperature. Once they are firm and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, your baked goods are done.

    • 2). Instead of sauteeing your onions, garlic and vegetables in oil or butter, use a non-stick pan or sautee in water or low fat broths. Also try steaming, boiling or baking vegetables instead of stir-frying them in oil.

    • 3). Reduce fat from meats by trimming away all the excess fat before cooking. Also remove the skin before cooking or alternatively, before eating, to help cut back on the fat content. Also try baking, grilling or broiling meats instead of pan-frying them in oil or butter.

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