How Can I Get the Pressure Cooker Parts in Nellis in the "Fallout: New Vegas" Game?

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    • 1). Go to the Nellis Air Force Base. Talk to the elderly woman, Pearl, in the barracks. She gives you the "Volare!" quest.

    • 2). Help the Boomers with their various problems to advance the "Volare!" quest. When you help enough people, Pearl tells you to talk to Loyal in the hangar.

    • 3). Walk east from the barracks and enter the hangar. Talk to Loyal. He asks you to raise a sunken airplane from Lake Mead. He also suggests that you talk to his partner, Jack, to get a Rebreather.

    • 4). Talk to Jack. He offers to make you the Rebreather if you bring him some pressure cooker parts.

    • 5). Walk up to any container in the hangar. Press down the left analog stick to enter Stealth mode. If you see "Hidden" at the top of the screen, no one can see you. If you see "Detected," someone is looking at you. Loyal and Jack own the containers in the hangar, and if they see you steal from them, they will shoot at you.

    • 6). Wait for "Hidden" to show at the top of the screen. Select "Search" to open the container. If you find a pressure cooker, take it. The container's contents are random, so you may not find a pressure cooker immediately.

    • 7). Exit the Nellis hangar if you cannot find a pressure cooker in any container. Walk slightly southwest to reach Fields' Shack. Look inside the wooden box next to the oven to find a pressure cooker.

    • 8). Take the pressure cooker to Jack when you find it. He makes you the Rebreather. Equip it to use its water-breathing feature.

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