Go For a Wood Canopy Bed

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Wood canopy beds are an old fashioned type with a history that goes back to medieval times when ceilings were less sturdy than today's ceilings. Characteristically these beds have posts that extend up about four feet from the mattress or the floor. Draped across the space between the tops of the posts is a decorative fabric that creates a canopy or kind of ceiling in a straight line over the bed.

The original purpose for this was to prevent sleeping people from being hit by dirt, insects, pebbles and other things falling through the ceiling. They were also used by royalty for warmth and privacy, and in recent times they have been regarded as a fashionable bed adding great elegance and style to the bedroom.

Design options for wood canopy beds are many and the modern canopy attempts to create a sense of romance and style with elaborate curves, outstanding craftsmanship, bold carvings and more. They have a superior framing structure of strong elaborate woodwork with extravagant finishes. Presently, the most popular style appears to be the ones decked out with inlaid wood and a touch of gold.

Wood beds come in a variety of designs and one of the most popular is an antique bed which gives the room a lived-in feeling and at the same time enhances the room's ambiance. They come in designs which can be coordinated with the furnishings in the rest of the home. In addition to the antique wood bed a simple and stylish modern canopy one is also available.

Many advantages can be had when choosing to buy affordable wooden beds with canopies. A very practical point is that if the bed needs to be moved, it is lighter and easier to lift than a metal one and there is little to no damage on a carpet or finished floor because a wood bed frame, even with a canopy, weighs less than an iron bed and can actually be taken apart to move. The value of timber beds varies from low to high. Less expensive ones can easily be found in a furniture market.

Beds with carvings were the first canopy ones ever made and back in the era when canopy beds were introduced they were always made of wood. It was only later that different styles and various materials were considered. In the end, you should choose a style and design that you feel comfortable with and that suits your style and tastes; after all you will be spending a lot of your time with the bed you choose.

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