Planning a Beach Wedding But Worried of Sand Fleas?

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Planning a beach wedding can bring with it some pretty 'unique' challenges; Bugs threatening to gatecrash your party at any minute being just one of them.
Planning a Beach Wedding with the tips below though ahead of time will make sure there's no 'un-welcomed guests' on your wedding day.
Give yourself a coating of insect repellent before heading out.
Look for ones that have the ingredient DEET in them, as I've found that these tend to give the best protection.
Quick tip: read the back of the bottle to make sure the repellent stops sand fleas AND mosquitoes - They're both pests.
Don't give the little monsters a chance to bite back, so cover yourself again at sunset -- insects tend to have a habit of showing up later on in the evening to spoil the party.
Planning a beach wedding by covering food and getting the cake delivered as LATE as possible should stop the pesky little critters helping themselves to a piece first.
If the kids decide to plump themselves down in the sand when you're both saying, "I do", make sure they've got a beach towel to put down first (I advise getting yourself matching color beach wedding towels to tie everything in).
Give your wedding planner a quick ring, or if you're planning a beach wedding on your own, find out if the local sand flea season clashes with the month you're planning a beach wedding.
If it does clash, consider changing it to another one.
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