How to Help the Person Who Lost Trust to Trust Again?

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"I love you, but I don't trust you and I simply can't live with a man I don't trust.
" How many times has that statement been the beginning of the end for relationships? I suspect many.
The person who lost trust, never trusted in the first place.
They put conditions down, rules that should not be broken, and when those rules, which were inevitable to be broken(read nature's universal laws of life) - they did not lose trust, they never really gave it in the first place.
If I say to you, "I love you, but only if..
" Do I love you really? I think not.
In fact your conditions reveal the poverty of your love.
You can cover your fears with rules, put down guidelines, make strict vows, but really, those are just expectations, perfectly designed to be broken.
Every human can be trusted.
A thief can be trusted to steal.
When you ask, "how can we help someone who has lost trust to trust again" we are actually asking "How can we find a circumstance in which a person's random fears and the subsequent rules they arbitrarily imposed on others be validated.
" The answer to that is "they can't" because they are not meant to stay stuck on those same fears.
The way we help people trust again is to help them expand their expectations to include reality, rather than continue to contract reality to meet their expectations.
If one continually adapts to situations, one has no need to place protective rules on them.
Now that this is said, I feel ready to talk to you about Human Nature.
Human Nature can not trust anything 100%.
Human Nature is emotional and it trusts 50% and doesn't trust 50% The only thing human nature can trust 100% is love.
But you can't bank it, rely on it tomorrow, expect it to stay the same when it comes from another person.
So, the only thing human nature can trust 100% is the love you give.
Unconditional love has no rules, boundaries or regulations, so, it can never be broken.
There is, in love, nothing to trust.
It is, by its nature, without condition.
No conditions, no trust required.
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