Using Cork Pin Boards in Your Home

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When thinking about cork notice boards you might have a horrible flash back of the cork board walls that used to be so popular in the 60s and 70s or you may even prefer to reserve the amount of cork in your home to a nice pair of wedges but in reality there are many modern options for you to use in your home.
When thinking about buying a cork notice board, there are a few options available to you, and with different designs, shapes and colours you should always be able to find a board that will suit the style and décor of your home.
The first thing to think about is what size you would like your cork notice board to be.
This will probably depend on where you are thinking about placing it - the amount of space you have on your wall or whether you are simply going to rest it against a wall on a table.
When you have decided this you can start thinking about the colour.
You may want to stick to a traditional cork pin board - brown actual board with a wooden frame, or introduce a colour into your room with a painted frame or painted cork.
You can even buy them painted in black which would mean that you could sit it next to a chalk board if you have one so you are able to write on one and pin your important pieces to another.
You may also be asking why you would want a cork pin board and also what you would use them for.
Although they aren't as flexible as a magnetic notice board because you haven't got the option to write on them as well they really can be hugely beneficial for the organisation of your study - especially if you're like me and often have rather important pieces of paper disappearing into the depths of your 'filing' system.
For this reason the study is probably the most common place for a cork notice board to be placed - it's where there are usually far too many pieces of paper, and by using a cork pin board you are often able to make sure none of those really important messages and notes go missing.
And if you want to jazz your notice board up a little bit it is well worth remembering that you need to buy pins to actually pin things to it! These come in a really vast range, whether it is different colours, shapes or even animals or flowers, you can use them to show your personality.
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