Parents and Partners -How to Keep Your Relationship Strong Post Pregnancy

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Having a baby will create a whole new relationship between you and your partner.
In many ways, this is a positive thing that will bring you closer and closer as you realize you're responsible for a miracle.
Unfortunately, life isn't always easy and sometimes the stresses that accompany a new baby can take their toll on a relationship.
While things between you and your partner are bound to get rocky when the baby won't stop crying, you lose mass amounts of sleep,oryou both experience emotional awakenings (be it hormonal or in response to your new lifestyle), you can still manage to love and care for each other.
It may not be easy, but keeping the following tips in the back of your mind can help ease the transition and keep your household peaceful and loving.
  • Develop and Use Team Strategies:In any relationship team work is important, but when a new baby is involved its an absolute must.
    Creating team work strategies is as easy as saying "Since I get up to breastfeed during the night, you will be on for diaper duty," or "Since you are home with the baby all day, when I get home I will give you "X" amount of personal time where I will care for the baby.
  • Communication is Key:Communication is the number one way to make sure you and your partner function as a team.
    If you feel that your needs or emotions are being ignored or that you are near your breaking point, it's important to communicate those feelings to your partner before things get out of control.
  • Educate Your Self:Educating yourself is agreat way to calm your nerves, make better informeddecisions, and ultimately handle situations with greater ease and more confidence.
    While there is a ton of information available, I highly suggest referring to your pediatrician and OBGYN for advice as well as where to find valid information such as specific websites or books they find are helpful for new parents.
    It's also important that you utilize your time at the doctor by making a list of questions to ask during your visit.
    When it comes to your baby and family, there are no stupid questions.
  • Ask Other Parents:Sometimes the best place to find advice, especially concerning your relationship with your partner, is to ask others who have been there before.
    Other couples who have children can offer you a list of things that did or did not work for them and why.
    You can ask friends and family who have children or if you prefer to do this "on your own," you can turn to blogs and forums where parents share experiences, ideas, and stories that may help you.
  • Be Flexible:Even though you are the acting, responsible adult, the first few month after your baby is born it may seem like they are ultimately in charge.
    This alone can make it impossible to rely on any set plan of events.
    It's extremely important that you and your partner realize that not everything will go as planned and that sometimes situations arise that will ruin your night off, make you miss dinner, or leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained.
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