Camping Activities 101 - For Friends, Family, Children and Adults

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To make a campout great it is necessary to add some activities to the trip for all.
Over the past 30 years my family and I have participated in almost any camping activity that is out there, so we complied a list of the best activities and why they are great for all.
Wood Carving This long forgotten art is best treasured in the great outdoors.
Even if you are starting out with a hiking stick it can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.
The adults usually have the most fun teaching the children.
This is an opportunity to teach the young ones about handling a knife safely as well as a good time to pass down the knife that your grandpa gave you.
Knot Tying For those of us that know how to tie knots, this activity becomes even better when you can build something with rope and sticks.
You can build a fort, a shelter, a bridge and if you really want to get creative you can build a catapult.
This is also a great activity to have the adults teach, and the kids learn.
Star Gazing If you come from the city, there is nothing like being in the wilderness during a clear night.
You can see stars that people haven't even named yet.
Let alone a chance to see the Milky Way.
Living in modern day you might even get a chance to see a satellite slowly glowing across the sky.
This is a great experience with both adults and children.
Find a clear spot, and lay on your back for some learning, wishing and dreaming.
Hiking/Climbing/Wildlife Education A good hike is great to burn some energy out of the kids and adults.
Finding a place to climb, and hike can really help others connect to nature and see some beautiful wildlife.
If you have someone that is knowledgeable with nature they can throw in a few facts while you are hiking.
It is funny how smart people will think you are if you can offer some basic facts about nature that most people have forgotten about.
Fire Building Everyone will have to build some type of fire in their life.
Whether on the grill, stove, or campfire, helping others learn how to build a fire is a great time killer.
It can also be added as an addition to the next step...
Camp Fire Everyone love a good campfire.
No matter if it is just some friends and good conversation or planned out with skits, songs and the whole works, they are a ton of fun and a great way to bond together.
Over the years we have added some great camp songs and skits.
We will build a fire and all eat a dinner together, then we will have some post dinner songs and skits.
Afterwards around dark time we sit around tell stories, have great conversations and gaze at the starts.
A perfect night.
In addition to all these great activities you can also throw in the following:
  • Ghost Stories
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Capture the Flag (best at night)
  • Outdoor Cooking Education
  • Snipe Hunting (best for 1st time campers)
  • Smores (chocolate, marshmallows and gram crackers)
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