Stop Over Paying For Healthy Coffee

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Are you a fan of the java? Are you one of the fortunate few who have found a healthy alternative to regular coffee? After researching how bad coffee really is for you I was determined to let others know about an alternative choice which is ganoderma coffee.
What Is Ganoderma? Ganoderma coffee is coffee combined with columbian coffee beans and Reishi mushroom which contains ganoderma.
Ganoderma has been used for centuries by the Chinese for it's healing capabilities and richness in vitamins and antioxidants.
Ganoderma offsets the acidity in regular coffee and actually has health benefits.
Regular coffee regardless of what they say is bad for your health.
Coffee is acidic and it takes 17 glasses of water to offset the acidity in 1 cup of coffee, and 7 glasses to offset the dehydration.
An acidic blood stream is a breeding ground for non degenerative dieseases like cancer and other life threatening illnesses.
The Ganoderma offsets the acidicity in coffee with an alkaline ph level because of the thousands of antioxidants and vitamins in Reishi.
The health benefits of Ganoderma are as follows: More energy Increased sense of well being Better sleep at night No caffeine jitters I love coffee but I am really sensitive to the caffeine, it gives me the jitters and makes me feel dehydrated which is what it's doing.
After drinking the ganoderma coffee I noticed that I did not feel jittery or feel dehydrated.
The coffee is actually quite delicious and is actually good for your health.
It is really simple to make, they come in individual packets and you just heat water and you have a delicious cup of coffee.
So Called Healthy Coffee With the health craze there are different companies selling so called healthy coffee.
Read the label carefully because most of the coffee companies claiming to be healthy hardly contain enough reishi to be considered healthy.
You will see network marketing companies selling healthy coffee, but at a much higher price and a lower quality.
The First Healthy Coffee Company Gano Brand Coffee is the oldest and most established healthy coffee company in the industry.
Being around since the early 80's it offers the best product on the market for healthy coffee.
Gano brand coffee contains more reishi then that of the other so called healthy coffee products contain and is half the price.
I did some research and found that a box of Gano Excel costs over $20 for a box of regular black coffee.
Gano brand coffee is only a mere $9.
95 per box plus shipping with more reishi and at a lower price.
Reishi is the key ingredient in what makes a healthy coffee, if it has less it's an inferior product.
The reason that other healthy coffee's are so expensive is because it's a network marketing company.
They have to increase the price so that all of their distributors get paid on all of the levels to make a profit.
Gano Brand Coffee is sold through independent affiliates and not through a network marketing distributor.
Need More Proof Dr.
Stuart Hoover is a renowned expert in health and wellness using natural methods for treatment.
He did extensive research on Ganoderma and on Gano Brand.
He recommends only Gano Brand because of the potency of the Reishi in Gano Brand vs.
Please view his short video presentation on the website posted in the signature box.
To Your Health If your concerned about staying healthy and love coffee, please do yourself a favor and try out Gano Brand Coffee to see for yourself what I did.
Not only is the coffee great tasting but it makes you feel super!!!
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