Does My Ex Love Me? If You Cannot Answer This Question Then I Suggest That You Find Out Now!

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If you do not know exactly how your ex feels about you, then you cannot actually get your ex back.
Now the reason for this is, because you wont know what steps to take! Take for instance that your ex is giving you mixed signals and you go in for a date with your ex and get entirely rejected! So that is why it is critical to know how your ex feels before you try to pull your ex back, so that you know the right things to do! So, if your ex does any of these things, then be certain that he/she still loves you...
- Does your ex try to date you still? - Does he/she spend a lot of time reminiscing about the past you shared? - Would your ex do favors for you easily? - Is your ex overly protective and caring towards you? - If you flirt with other people or date someone, does your ex get really jealous? - Does your ex call you quite often, and do you notice that he/she almost makes it part of their daily routine? - Would your ex be mad if you suddenly ignored him/her? - Does He/she give you gifts still? - Is your ex still not dating again, or if he/she is its really not exclusive? - Does your ex try to impress you? - Has he/she changed for you, and do they try to show you the changes? If you notice your ex displaying any of those behaviors, then be certain that your ex is definitely not over you, and is making a genuine attempt to try and attract you back again.
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