DIY Photography Light Box

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    • 1). Cut one of the poster board pieces in half--each half should be 14-by-22 inches. Fold down one short edge and one long edge to create 1 inch tabs, and tape the corners of the tabs together. Repeat for the other 14-by-22-inch panel. Those are the sides of the light box.

    • 2). Cut windows in each side. The windows should measure about 10-by-15 inches, and use the straight edge to keep the window frame straight. Make sure to leave enough material at the edges so that the sides stay strong.

    • 3). Turn the sides upright, with the tabbed long side forming the bottom of the light box, and the shorter tabbed side to form the back. Take the other sheet of poster board, and attach the corners on its 22-inch side to the top corners of the tabbed back side with glue or tape.

      Attach the other corners of the 28 x 22 inch panel to the tab on the bottom, at the corners towards the front. Don't bend or fold the larger panel--folds and bends will cast shadows.

    • 4). Tape translucent paper over the window of the light box and place a light source on each side. Photograph objects as you wish--the light will diffuse evenly and the object will be shown at its best.

      You can play around with different types of paper and different light sources to create varying effects.

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