Video: How to Use Adjectives in Japanese

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Video Transcript

YUU ASAKURA: Now, we're back to this sentence again, watashi wa desu. This time, you would describe your status using adjectives. Adjective is a word to describe a thing or a person how they are. For example, you want to say: I am busy. In Japanese, it will be: Watashi wa isogashi desu. So now, when someone wants to talk to you and you don't have time, you know what to say: Watashi wa isogashi desu. So if you have lots of time and you want to say: I am free. You can say: Watashi wa hima desu. Okay. Let's practice those two. Let's go with watashi wa isogashi desu. I'm busy. Repeat after me. Watashi wa isogashi desu. Very good. So you want to say that I am free. Watashi wa hima desu.
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