How to Make a Makeup Desk

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    • 1). Place two tall wood bedside tables against a wall, 3 feet apart.

    • 2). Cut a piece of 3/4-inch plywood to fit across the two desks as a tabletop.

    • 3). Round the front and sides of the table top, using a router.

    • 4). Lay the plywood across the tops of the bedside tables.

    • 5). Drill eight 1/16-inch pilot holes through the plywood and into the bedside tables, one positioned at each corner of the bedside tables.

    • 6). Screw the plywood onto the bedside tables with wood screws, countersinking the heads slightly below the plywood surface. The screws should be slightly shorter than the combined thickness of the plywood and bedside table's top.

    • 7). Fill the screw holes with wood putty and scrape it smooth with a putty knife. Allow the putty to dry.

    • 8). Remove the drawers from the makeup desk, and remove any knobs or handles.

    • 9). Sand all surfaces on the desk and drawer fronts with 120-grit sandpaper to prepare it for primer.

    • 10

      Brush two coats of primer onto the desk and drawer fronts, allowing each coat to dry fully. Follow this with two coats of paint in the color of your choice.

    • 11

      Reattach the knobs or handles onto the drawer fronts, and then replace the drawers in the desk.

    • 12

      Hang a mirror on the wall behind the desk. It should be large enough so you can easily see your face and hair from a seated position.

    • 13

      Place matching lamps on the two rear corners of the desk to provide illumination.

    • 14

      Place several small baskets on the desk surface to hold makeup brushes and regularly used makeup.

    • 15

      Stock the drawers with additional makeup and beauty products.

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