How to Find a Person Through the Newspaper for Legal Purposes

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    • 1). Research your state laws to determine the required length of the advertisement you plan to place in the newspaper for legal matters. Some states require only one day of advertising for the individual while other states require an entire week long advertisement. This also varies depending on the legal matter in which you seek the individual for such as divorce, bankruptcy, arrest, etc.

    • 2). Contact the individual's family or friends to find out his last known address to determine the city or town where you should place the newspaper advertisement. If you believe the individual still lives in your town, place the advertisement there.

    • 3). Research which newspaper in the selected city or town is the most popular. Examine the newspapers specifically in the town to determine how many readers it will reach, and select the company with the largest number of readers. Go to the company's website.

    • 4). Click on the option to "Place Advertisement" in the newspaper. Specify the length of the advertisement in days, as determined by legal research. Type the advertisement into the specified advertisement box. Abide the word limit to avoid any additional charges. Specify the name of the individual you seek with full name included. State the reason you seek this individual and, if possible, list a past address.

    • 5). Pay for the advertisement via credit card online and specify the date(s) you want the advertisement to appear. Make sure you fill out the online advertisement form before the next day dead line. The price for newspaper advertisements varies greatly, however must start around $65 per day.

    • 6). Save payment receipt for the advertisement and print two copies. If you are proceeding in a legal matter where attempt to notify is what matters, a receipt of the advertisement and a printed copy will allow you to advance and finalize the lawsuit without a response.

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