How to Boost Your Bank Account Fast

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    • 1). Go through your home and apartment and list items you can sell. Include anything on this list, like books or DVDs, that you can easily buy back (should you so choose) when funds become available. Take your DVDs to trade-in stores and sell them for cash. For example, many video game retailers allow you to trade in DVDs and Blu-ray discs for cash, the amount of which varies based on the title. Use Craigslist or eBay to sell the rest of your items.

    • 2). Adjust your W-2 withholding amounts with your job (if applicable). If you have a job that you receive a W-2 for at the end of the year, this means taxes are being taken out of your check every week/month. However, the reason you get a tax refund at the end of the year is because too much was taken out during the course of 12 months. By speaking with your payroll department and adjusting the amount of money withheld from each check, you can immediately boost your bank account with larger paychecks. However, your refund will be smaller to nonexistent come tax time.

    • 3). Disconnect all nonessential services from your home. For example, cable television service is a luxury and not a necessity. The same goes for satellite radio, your gym membership or any other service that you're paying for on a monthly basis that you don't require to live. The savings from these monthly bills will immediately begin to boost your bank account.

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