Launch X431 - Why This Range Has Excelled

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Car diagnostics, both in the professional field and for at-home users, have become more and more important as cars become more and more advanced. Capable of telling us so much information about our cars, they are a valuable way of diagnosing any problems or faults before things get more serious. Because they have become so valuable, the market has been flooded with car diagnostics tools of varying functions, designs and prices.

However, there is no doubt that one range has excelled more than any other. Extremely popular with mechanics, automotive technicians and car enthusiasts, the Launch X431 collection offers high-end performance and optimum design without compromise. Primarily aimed at the professional market but also capable of being used on the car at home, they are designed by experts in the field to ensure they offer every function required in a busy workplace.

The range of tools in the Launch range are designed to perform similar functions, but with added benefits as the functions increase. This makes them suitable for all professional garages, with diagnostics tools available for independent garages as well as larger dealers. They can be smaller handheld tools or larger, portable designs but still feature the required functions to run a successful business and keep customers happy.

What has really set the Launch X431 collection apart from its competitors is the sheer amount of functions each machine can perform. While this will vary from machine to machine, some of the features include:

  • The capability for working on two vehicles at the same time
  • Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity ranging up to 100m
  • Compatible with all the main car manufacturers
  • Clear, colour screens
  • In built or memory card storage
  • USB or in built printer capabilities
  • Service resets, trouble code reading and open diagnosis functions
  • Online software updates

    Not only has the Launch range impressed professionals, it has also led to better reviews from customers. Of course with more advanced diagnostics tools, a garage can provide a better and more detailed service for its customers. This in turn leads to customers being more impressed with the service they get and more likely to return to the garage in future. So more advanced tools have benefited the automotive industry and the initial outlay is more than worth it from a business point of view. And while there are other options available, the Launch X431 range is one of the best in this writer's view.

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