Can You Open a Bank Account Under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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    Application to Trustee

    • The first step in the process to open a bank account under Chapter 13 bankruptcy is to request permission from the trustee.

    Approval from Trustee

    • If the trustee approves your request to open a bank account you can proceed accordingly. Provided you are current with your Chapter 13 plan payments, the trustee will likely approve the request.

    No Approval from Trustee

    • If the trustee does not approve your request, file a motion with the bankruptcy court seeking approval to open a bank account. The judge makes the final decision in this matter.

    Provide Trustee Account Information

    • Once the account is opened, you need to provide the trustee with complete information about it, including the account number.

    Time Frame

    • Normally a debtor can obtain permission to open a bank account while in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy within a matter of a week.

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