How to Relieve Anxiety Attacks, Cure Your Panic, and Do it Without Medication

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I was a sufferer of anxiety attacks.
The only relief I got, was by medicating myself with various prescriptions medications.
These medications did not cure me from anxiety attacks, they just simple reduced the amount of times I have an attack or how bad the attacks were.
After being so dependent on my medications and my "safe person" to get me places, I grew tired of living such a confined life.
I wanted to learn how to relieve anxiety attacks, cure my panic, and do it without medications.
Most of the medications that I were on, helped only slightly.
Also, they left me feeling lethargic.
No matter what different medication I tried, I still had anxiety attacks.
That uncontrollable fear within me that would come out of no where.
The racing of my heart.
The heart palpitations.
The dizziness.
The constant thoughts that something terrible was lurking right around the corner.
Yes, the medications helps to reduce the severity of the sensations, but it did not cure me.
I always felt tired and just not "with it" all the time.
I felt like I was going to go crazy.
It was time to do something about my attacks and my medicated lifestyle.
I wanted to learn how to relieve anxiety attacks without the use of medications and get my life back.
Though I was skeptical, I was determined.
While conducting hours upon hours of research online, I stumbled across a website that talked about a natural technique which was taught through The Anxiety Release Method.
This website looked promising, however, my skepticism was still present.
As I mentioned, I was still determined so I read on.
One of the main things that stood out to me on this site, were all the testimonies from other sufferers and their stories were identical to mine.
So many people who have or had my exact problem.
I was not alone, which I knew that millions of people worldwide suffer from anxiety and panic disorders, but to see so many on this site...
it was amazing.
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