How to Make a False Ceiling Using Tulle

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    • 1). Stick self-adhesive plastic hooks on the ceiling. Depending on how you want the tulle to drape, the hooks can be up to a foot away from each other. Use a level or ruler to make sure the hooks are even and the same distance away from each other.

    • 2). Thread fishing line through the holes in the edges of the tulle, and tie the fishing line into small loops. Measure the distance between the loops so they will match up with the hooks you've secured on the ceiling.

    • 3). Hang the fishing line loops you've created over the self-adhesive hooks. The tulle is light enough that it should easily be supported this way. Drape the tulle as much as you like, and repeat the process for the other sides of the ceiling until the tulle is covering the entire ceiling, creating a beautiful fake tulle ceiling decoration.

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