Business Party Themes

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    Celebrity Look-Alike Party

    • This theme is ideal if you have co-workers who are eager to dress up in costumes. Instruct guests in the invitations to come dressed as their celebrity look-alike. They can choose from actors, musicians, politicians, sports stars or any public heros from any era. Decorate for the party Hollywood-style, with film reels, cameras and a red carpet for guests to make their entrance. Purchase a few trophies and have guests come up one at a time to show off their costumes and have others guess who they are, then award those who are the truest look-alikes.

    Casino Mob Party

    • Put a twist on the traditional casino party with a 1920s style gangster theme. In addition to roulette wheels and tables for poker and blackjack, hand out fedoras for the men and boas for the women, put up gangster silhouette cutouts, speakeasy signs, and even a cutout of a bullet-riddled car for guests to pose with. As your mob business partners enjoy gambling, have a few waiters hand out drinks like scotch and brandy on the rocks. If a few of your co-workers are willing to help, they can volunteer to stage a "holdup" with fake guns in the middle of the festivities.

    Mardi Gras Masquerade Party

    • Combine two great theme ideas into one with an old-fashioned Mardi Gras masquerade ball. Guests can wear costumes if they wish, but have a bowl of traditional feathered Mardi Gras masks ready at the door so everyone who enters the party is in disguise---a great way to get co=workers who don't know one another too well to mingle. Decorations can include the typical Mardi Gras purple, gold and green, but to focus on the masquerade side, keep the shades dark, along with very soft lighting and candles so as to make it more difficult to see who is who. Choose old-fashioned items, such as goblets instead of cups, and lacy fans with the place settings to help set the mood.

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