How to Donate Wire Hangers

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    • 1). Place an ad on Craigslist, Freecycle or a similar site. Let users of these free sites know that you have wire hangers to donate. You'll probably find that not only will people want your hangers, but they will also pick them up from your front porch or a mutually agreed upon public location. Both sites require you to sign up and then post the items for sale, but there is no charge for either service. Just visit the site, create a free account and then follow the instructions for creating a posting.

    • 2). Give the hangers back to local dry cleaners. First, try the cleaners where you originally got the hangers. Many will happily take back their own hangers. If your cleaners does not accept hangers, call others near you and ask if they would like wire hanger donations.

    • 3). Drop the hangers off at a local Salvation Army, Goodwill or thrift store. Almost all of these stores accept wire hanger donations. Call the store ahead of time to be sure, and once you know whether the store will accept your surplus wire hangers, drop the hangers off at the store, drive through the donation window or leave the hangers at an attended drop-off site.

    • 4). Call local schools and community centers to see if they have need of the wire hangers. Art departments can reuse wire hangers for sculpture, and community centers that teach art classes may use the hangers for projects as well.

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