Bowl Dishes - "Bowl"ing Your Kitchen"s Alley

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A bowl is an open-mouth container with a round bottom.
These dishes are usual household kitchenware.
These round base dishes are used to serve food.
Mostly uncovered, they are used to stock up the liquid and solid eatables.
They also have a small dent at the base of the bowl.
These dishes are a replacement for cooking pots so that the serving of food is convenient.
History Different cultures have used these dishes in different ways.
These vessels found their origin in the historic Neolithic period and countries like China, Greece and even North America.
The ancient pottery made the design of dishes popular.
The container once made from clay, which is a porous material was used to store water to keep it cool in summers.
The container is a glaring remnant of pottery in the ancient age.
As the time passed further development of the dishes took place.
These dishes began to be manufactured in other materials like ceramics, metals, wood, plastic and even glass.
The glass and plastic bowls now-a-days are specially manufactured for heating food materials in microwave.
The dishes should be first examined for reliability by heating water in the microwave.
If the heat also warms the dishes; they are not suitable for use.
The metal containers are mostly used to keep the food warm while serving.
The ceramic vessels are used to freeze and refrigerate foodstuff.
These bowls are available in different sizes and attractive artwork.
The wide variety of designs makes them an article of display.
The bigger ones are utilized for mixing salads and dressing.
The dishes with larger diameter can contain large volumes of vegetables and curries, keeping them hot.
In Asian region, serving foodstuff in such dishes is a common norm.
Not only in Asia, but all over the world, these dishes make an important statement of class and sophistication.
Serving reflects style and etiquette of the individual; hence it has become very essential today to become a good host to your guests.
This dishware can come to the rescue, and your elaborately decorated bowls can echo status with panache.
Today, they are manufactured in different colors so one can moreover match them with their crockery at home.
Many people also use these dishes for drinking and storing perishable items.
There are bowl shaped cups also called 'kylices, used to drink tea or coffee.
The purpose of soup bowl is intended to serve soups.
These dishes are extensively used in restaurants, cafeterias and other eating joints.
A few are designed with handles also to hold the dishes conveniently.
This tableware is suited aptly for big parties and get-togethers.
Interestingly, a few people apply their creativity and use bowls as lamp shades too.
But it is advisable not to try this with heavy material dishes.
Some also make use of their old and discarded dishes as pots for their bonsai.
On a serious note, these dishes do make serving food, a fun job.
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