Toothache Remedies - A Recipe For Temporary Relief

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4 Toothache Remedies Worth Trying First, here's why you'll need more help than standard toothache remedies: When it comes to dental health, there is no gain from pain.
Because the smallest amount of discomfort and the slightest injury in your mouth heralds potential living tissue damage, according to the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine (CUCDM).
So even though you seek immediate toothache pain relief here, first call your dentist to stop further injury and future, escalating pain.
Next, try some of these home toothache remedies to get you to your dental appointment in a little peace.
(Note: Masking pain for long periods instead of treating the cause may blind you to spreading infections and bone loss.
) But if you can't get to the dentist right away, there are some tried-and-true temporary toothache remedies worth trying: 1.
Clean a cavity.
You can spot a cavity by looking for holes or pits in your teeth.
If food or other debris is stuck in a cavity or in between teeth, brush and floss to remove it.
Dab clove oil.
This may sound like an old wives' tale, but clove oil is actually a classic remedy for toothache pain.
Gently apply a clove oil soaked cotton swab onto the area of pain.
Gargle warm water.
Add salt and gargle once every hour for best results.
This simple elixir can help ease toothache pain and reduce swelling in the gums.
Apply an antiseptic.
Look for antiseptics containing benzocaine and boasting the ADA stamp of approval.
When applied to the area of pain, benzocaine gives temporary relief.
Over-the-counter pain relievers are another good go-to toothache remedy.
But remember: All of these toothache remedies bring temporary, not permanent, relief.
Think of these temporary tonics as something to tide you over until you can get professional treatment for a toothache.
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