How to Make a Girl Unshy

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    • 1). Gradually introduce yourself into the girl's life and conversations at a pace with which she feels comfortable. Don't force conversation or make her engage in one. Begin with small steps, such as a smile and a nod when you see her.

    • 2). Introduce small-talk conversation into your interactions. Add these gradually to avoid making her retreat more into her shyness. For example, ask her how she is doing that day. Avoid pushing her if she gives simple answers such as "good."

    • 3). Present a friendly outward personality to help her feel more at ease with you. Don't be overly friendly or excessively extroverted. Make yourself seem open by smiling, sitting with a relaxed body posture and carefully listening to what she says.

    • 4). Encourage her in conversation when she begins to grow more comfortable. Ask about her interests and encourage her to discuss them. Show interest and engage her in conversation if she allows. A shy girl will often open up more when talking about her interests, leading to further unshy behavior later.

    • 5). Praise her when she shows unshy behavior around you. Don't be too pushy with your praise. Laugh at her jokes when she makes one. Tell other people about how sociable and friendly she is with you. Use positive reinforcement to make her feel more comfortable with you.

    • 6). Share private things with her to help open her up to sharing more private things with you. For example, discuss one of your big fears in life, such as the fear of falling or heights. Use this type of emotional honesty and sincerity to help her be more forthcoming about discussing private matters with you.

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