Nutritive Vegetable Recipes

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In Indian families, vegetables are more often seen as left overs either by kids or by adults. This is very terrible to see that the most nutritive part of the food is left. But if you see the other side being a very religious country people love eating veg and vegetable are the only food product that can easily gel up with anything in any recipes either it is meat or you want to eat raw.
Vegetables are great and easy source fiber which helps in detoxifying our body. These are easily digestible as compared to flesh products. Green vegetables are full of iron and minerals- more the vegetables are green more the nutrition value. Yellow and red vegetables are full of vitamin A. if you are on weight loose vegetables are a good choice to eat. They are not only low calorie but also a great source of energy.
In todays fast pace life people do not have time to cook and no one can easily afford a cook at home. They just don't know what to cook and how to cook. So they stick to the same old vegetable recipes like aalu gobi, matar paneer, alu matar etc. hence, people must know that they can use these easily available vegetables in plenty of interesting way. They must know that they are leaving the most nutritive, attractive and great part of the food for themselves and their families.
Vegetable recipes are pretty easy to cook. The spices not only give delicacy to the food but also give bright and luring colors and flavors to it. There is wide range of healthy vegetables to choose from and to try making delicious recipes that are not only easy to make but also less time consuming.
Vegetables are very important for the mental & physical growth of the children. There are many dishes at from where you can choose the lovely dishes to cook for your children, which they could not resist eating plus with no left over. It is so good to see if your kids eat their meat completely.
To pamper you taste buds and for the change there are many vegetable recipes available in different cuisines. Chinese is best cooked with vegetables, you can try continental also.
Last but not the least; vegetables are also the great supply of water to your body. Our bodys cells are made up of water only. So eat vegetables and stay healthy.
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