How to Check a Lexmark Printhead

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    • 1). Press the button labeled "Menu" on your printer. Repeatedly push the button until you see the words "Utilities Menu" flash on the screen.

    • 2). Push the button labeled "Select."

    • 3). Press the button labeled "Menu" until you see the words "Change Printhead" on the screen.

    • 4). Push the "Select" button.

    • 5). Lift the print cover, by pulling upward at the edge. Raise it high enough for you to see the printheads. The device that holds the printheads, called the carrier, will automatically move to the center of the printer when you raise the cover.

    • 6). Raise the handle of the carrier up once and then push it back down again to reposition the printheads. This handle controls the printheads. When you move the handle up and down, the printheads will be in plain view, allowing you to check for problems.

    • 7). Lower the print cover to close it over the top of the printer.

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