Latest Gossip From Hollywood Reaps Rich Rewards With Pictures of Celebs

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The latest gossip on celebrity scandal and the evidence-bearing scandalous pictures of celebs spread so fast you would think that reporters and photographers owned the Internet. However, celebrity scandals and the latest gossip take far longer to uncover than they do to publicize - but the price makes it worth the wait.

Celebrity scandals that are unearthed with the latest gossip are big money makers for the celebs and the spies. Tabloids pay big money for pictures of celebs – and listening to the latest gossip in celebrity circles can set a photographer up for an easy hundred thousand dollar picture. The lucky camera snapping souls who hang out in Hollywood can even make a living from just listening to the latest gossip on where the celebs are going and where they're hanging out. A picture of Brittney Spears doing what everyone but the severely disabled do every day – walking – can fetch $250. A picture of her destroying something is worth $100,000. Brittney's bald head brought one photographer $500,000. The latest gossip in the paparazzi coffee clatch reports that she supported her photographers by helping them earn a green four million dollars.

The latest gossip on celebrity scandals tells the paparazzi and the photojournalist wannabes where to go. The tabloids are eager to quickly grab the pictures of celebs that will keep their three million copies a day flying off the supermarket shelves. (And that's just The Sun.) The National Enquirer, with it's one million subscribers dedicated to its sensationalized celebrity news and latest gossip, has to flip through hundreds of thousands of pictures of celebs a day to find the picture that will draw more attention than the previous issue's pictures of celebs.

Big stories don't come easy though. The latest gossip starts from small gossip. But overhearing one sentence can be enough for a strong lead. It took nine months of shadow-lurking and car napping for the John Edwards affair to surface – and the National Enquirer picked up on it before the national news. The National Enquirer was also quite aware due to their precision ears that have sonar for the latest gossip, that Sarah Palin's teenage daughter was pregnant. They filled their issues with pictures of these political celebs before the reputable newspapers could print a verified story.

The latest gossip on the sidewalks of Hollywood and in the Hollywood clubs is where the celebrity scandals begin. Gossip leads to inquiring minds, and curiosity catches the celebrity. Pictures of the celebs is all the proof that tabloids need for their billions of dollars of revenue they rake in every year.

Making money off celebrities does not come without its lawsuits. But every newspaper has their lawsuits for libel and scandal – and the National Enquirer's lawsuits run at industry average. Why don't more celebrities sue for the tabloid's obnoxious reporting? Publicity. There's nothing a celeb loves more than publicity.

The latest gossip in celebrity clubs, Hollywood stores and the employee rooms of luxury hotels fuel the paparazzi with millions of dollars of income from producing pictures of celebs, feed the tabloids billions of dollars in revenue, and help celebrities on their rise to their claim to fame. The latest gossip, pictures of celebs and celebrity scandals are as rich as the celebrities themselves.
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