How to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash to a Salvage Lot

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Whether your car is undriveable due to persistent mechanical problems, damage from a wreck, or damage from another event, it may still have value to a professional salvage yard, a business that buys recalcitrant vehicles and sells their good parts to consumers. If you would like sell your car for cash to a salvage lot, you shouldn't have problems doing it. As long as you make the following preparations leading up to the sale, the sale should be quick and hassle-free.

Establish Ownership

Most states require you to prove you own an automobile before you liquidate it. Ownership can be established with any of the following documents: title of ownership, mechanic's lien, auction sales receipt, or repossession affidavit. If you bought the vehicle new and paid it off, the title of ownership is probably the most readily available document of ownership. If you lost your title, contact your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to learn how to get a new one.

Remove Personal Effects

Everyone knows to remove valuable items from an automobile before selling it. However, it is also important to remove cast off papers and other items that contain personal information that could fall into the wrong hands and be repurposed. ATM receipts, old auto insurance cards, and medical papers are examples of items that you should definitely remove before the sale. Doing so will prevent those who buy the vehicle's parts from coming across your private information.

Receive Several Quotes

If your automobile is damaged to the point of being undrivable, you probably can't price its fair market value using industry price guides, such as Kelley Blue Book. In this situation, the best way to assess the value of the vehicle is to receive several price offers from different salvage lots. Clunkers are typically worth hundreds of dollars each, but there are also cases in which they are worth more. That is why it's important to receive more than one price quote.

Choose Free Towing

Many salvage lots offer free towing to customers. So, there is no reason to liquidate your set of wheels to a business sticks you with towing fees, which often cost hundreds of dollars -- about the same amount as the sale price of a typical salvage vehicle. If you pay for towing, most of the money from the sale will go toward offsetting towing fees. As you presumably want to profit as much as possible from the sale, be sure to choose a buyer that offers free towing.


Before you sell your junk car for cash to a salvage lot, be sure you have proof that you own the automobile, remove personal effects that contain sensitive information, receive several price quotes, and select a business that offers free towing to customers. If you make these preparations leading up to the sale, the sales process should fast and easy. For more information about how to sell your junk car for cash, contact a salvage lot today.
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