The Choice Is Green- A New Parameter For A Perfect Workplace

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India is on the path of growth. The growing population of the country is demanding improvements in various sectors. Some researchers believe that seventy percent of India is yet to be built which probably will take twenty years more. According to a Mc Kinsey report, cities will have sixty percent of worlds population in coming fifteen years and there will be growing choices of living and office spaces, especially for air-conditioned spaces.

Conventional buildings are ordinary structures that focus mainly on the look and feel factor. Most of them are glass-enveloped. These buildings allow heat inside which results in consumption of more energy in maintaining cooling effect in its interiors. These buildings are majorly responsible for emission of green house gases and using forty percent of worlds energy. Office commuters emit tons of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and PMs every year.

This also hampers the economic climate. A huge investment goes in to operational costs as more energy gets consumed for every operation, consequently with a huge bill. The viable solution to this would be Green Building. Luckily, real estate developers and the organizations have begun realizing the importance and scope of green buildings. The developers do not just build serviced offices; they also focus on interior spaces. In addition to this; they also come up with innovative ideas like green interior spaces, green vastu, green cleaning and more.

Companies too have now begun realizing that building their infrastructures in green way would help them cut down their energy consumption and bills. A green approach to the offices helps transforming conventional offices into green-premium offices. A green office incorporates design, construction and operational practices that significantly minimize or eliminate harmful impacts on the environment and its inhabitants.

To make the day more productive the workplace should give sufficient reasons to inspire the employees to do their job successfully. Colorful paints and innovative furniture with admirable interior designs are reasonable and ensure good end results. This too can have a green dimension by using low or no VOC paints and carpets, teak wood and other green certified products. Green buildings give an opportunity to the companies to increase their efficiency and productivity level by creating a resource efficient system and healthy environment.

Awareness about green offices is being generated amongst the developers as well as end users through various ways. It is slowly motivating the organizations to Go Green and become more environment- friendly. However, more scrupulous efforts are required to be dedicated so as mainstream it.
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