Bringing the Inside Out

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Okay, I know you hate your job.
They give you no respect.
No benefits, no motivation, you know that if you come back from lunch ten minutes late, they have already given away your login i.
and someone else is already sitting at your desk.
You're sick and tired of it and if you have to hear your boss' mouth one more time...
So you say that's it I am going to work out of my home and that's that.
It will be easier, I'll have more time with the kids and you and your spouse no longer have to communicate with cell phones and pagers just to find each other.
Oh, if only it could be that easy.
Let me say this first because I will have to repeat this again and again.
If your home life was screwed up before, working at home isn't going to make it any better.
Yes, I said it.
If your marriage was in trouble before, you better fix what was broken because starting a business at home starts out with a big adjustment period.
If your kids were unruly before, and made a lot of noise (depending on their age), you better handle that now because it will get worse once they realize that you have work to do on a deadline that needs your attention.
Now I am not going to get into any parenting tips or marriage tips.
Kids will be kids and married life always has its ups and downs.
But get a reality check first.
QUICK TIPS THAT WILL SAVE YOU A LIFETIME OF HEADACHES You have to put yourself on a schedule, and coordinate this with your families' schedule so you will know when id the best time to work and the best time for family activities Sometimes, it's best to work in the middle of the night.
If you have children under the age of one years old, you are up in the middle of the night anyway begging them to go to sleep so you might as well get an hour or two while you're up.
For me I work right after I put the kids on the school bus, and straight through until they get home, and one hour before dinner time.
Set aside a spot just for your business.
If you don't have an extra room, then make a section just for your business and nothing else.
So when you are looking for your notes, it's not in the toy box or the tool shed.
Learn to cook fast meals.
Cook your food ahead of time, if possible.
Cook while you download.
Wash clothes while you upload.
Fold clothes while you are editing your site.
Scan your email while cleaning.
Designate time just for your kids and spouse.
Stop surfing and spend some time with them.
If it's not relevant to your business, close that browser.
If your email isn't working, or your server is down, relax because knowing your ISP, it won't work until tomorrow anyway.
How many times do you say 'I'm just going to check my email' and some offer pops up or some new promotion arrives in your inbox.
Next thing you know you're looking at the site and you get completely side tracked.
An hour has passed, the food is burning, the kids are outside looking for new parents and your spouse, hey where did he/she go? Get the picture..
So before you plan on mooning the boss and telling all your co-workers where they can shove it, think about it before you pick up your last paycheck.
Remember: If your home life was screwed up before, working at home isn't going to make it any better.
This is just a brief, humorous overview of the work involved in working at home.
you have to have some humor even in business or you will burn out quick!!
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