How to Do Tile Crafts

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    • 1). Use small tiles to fashion a mosaic pattern. Create a mosaic on any type of hard surface such as a flower pot, table top or wood box. Make the mosaic using the direct method for the easiest craft project. Attach a layer of adhesive to the back of one tile and push it into place on the object. Repeat this until the tiles form a decorative picture or pattern. Fill in the space between the tiles with grout and wipe away any excess before it dries.

    • 2). Create a segmented picture to hang on your wall using multiple tiles of the same size and shape. Arrange the tiles on a flat surface so they touch and use acrylic paint to make a picture that spans all the tiles. Let the paint dry and then separate each tile. Arrange the painted tiles on a piece of wood, leaving gaps between each one or attach them directly to the wall or frame backing.

    • 3). Decoupage a pattern onto the surface of the tile. Cover the entire surface of the tile with a pattern or place one picture in the center for simplicity. Cut pictures from a magazine or use decorative paper to create a collage on the surface of the tile. Attach the paper with decoupage glue and allow it to dry. Seal the paper into place by applying a second layer of decoupage glue over the top of the paper.

    • 4). Use rubber stamps to create a design on an Italian marble tile. Press the rubber stamps into an ink pad designed to dry on glossy surfaces. Allow the stamp outlines to dry overnight before coloring them in with a cotton swap and colored inks. Bake the tiles in the oven at 350 degrees for approximately 20 minutes to seal in the color. Use the tiles as coasters or trivets.

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