Corruption At Its Grassroots Ends Sheila Dikshit"s Reign

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Sheila Dixit, the former chief minister of Delhi has been shattered with the kind of downfall she witnessed in the recent assembly elections held in Delhi.
The election results may have changed her entire process of assumptions.
After ruling the state for about 15 years from 1998 to 2013, now it's time for her departure as the Public Voice has gone against her and it is a hard fact for her to accept.
Just a year old party AAP has made Congress hit rock bottom in its first elections.
AAP with its simple motto and its simple style of promotions has bagged a huge victory.
The easy tagline to remove corruption from the state appealed to the common man thus bringing in a great triumph over the city.
From the very first day AAP leaders and members have been asserting Congress and its leaders with charges of corruption.
With the simple motto and tagline to wipe out corruption from the city, AAP marched ahead leading to win of 28 seats out of 70 seats over the assembly polls.
The ruling reign of Congress and Sheila Dikshit has taken a setback for several of its major faults during its tenure of holding the position.
With corruption in its grassroots, as AAP claims, it ought to have made the party and its ideologies weak and hollow.
Congress has not been able to make a mark in the minds of common people in the last few years.
One of the major resentments with the outgoing government was the rising cost of living adversely affecting everyday life of those living in the city.
This created a major rift and enragement towards the Congress and its leaders.
As per the various surveys conducted by the news media houses and the Print Media, the citizens were tired and furious with the way government had handled all the grave matters.
These directed to the collapse of one of the leading parties of the nation.
Sheila Dikshit and her team were termed as corrupt leaders by none other than AAP's leaders.
After the news of Congress tying up with AAP to form the next state government, Sheila Dikshit is said to have created immense pressure on the party to pull back from the alliance.
But Congress has been adamant with its decision of making Arvind Kejriwal the next chief minister of Delhi and support AAP whole heartedly.
This incident indicates that Congress is unofficially bidding farewell to one of its most coveted leaders or one of the Popular Leaders in the recent times.
However, the Congress party's high profile leaders are not at all willing to keep any ties with the former chief minister of the state after her loss in the state elections.
It definitely marks the end of a fantastic career spanning over the last 15 years.
While some of the commendable jobs have earned her great appreciation, while others have brought immense criticism for decisions taken by her.
But for now it is time for her to say goodbye to the most coveted seat in Delhi.
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