Printer Cables - A Guide to Buying the Compatible Printer Cable for Your Computer

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Printers will not function without printer cables, which connect printers to devices like computers, digital cameras, and scanners.
They are made with insulated wires with specific connectors at both ends.
Before, a printer cable was usually sold at "standard" types for PC or Mac.
Today, there are several types of cables available.
Parallel printer cable A parallel printer cable consists of two parallel connectors that serve to connect parallel-enabled printers to computers.
This is usually used to connect computers to old, dot matrix printers.
USB printer cable The USB printer cable is made up of two USB connectorsand has a data transfer rate of 480 mbps.
This is ideal for high-volume printing.
There are some computers that have both parallel and USB ports.
You can choose either one depending on your printer.
Serial printer cable Finally, a serial printer cable has a 9-pin or 25-pin serial cable on one or both ends.
This is the highest quality printer cable and provides high-speed data transfer.
However, not all computers are compatible with this type of cable.
How to buy When buying printer cables, the following guidelines can be followed: o Check for compatibility.
Make sure you buy the right printer cable that can be supported by your computer.
Some Macintosh computers are now using serial cables while Windows is still using the standard USB cable.
o Check for the system requirements.
Your cable and printer will not work if they are not compatible with your operating system.
o Do not trust brands that claim to provide the highest data transfer rate among others.
Ask for a demonstration first.
o Check for cable length.
Choose a cable length that spans the distance between your computer and printer.
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