Something New and Free Turns the Affiliate, MLM and Social Media Marketing Upside Down

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How do you handle something new and free that turns affiliate, MLM and social media marketing upside down and plunges you into a rethink of where you are? Nobody wants to be left behind so what do you do and how do you deal with this new discovery? This basic question was evidently asked a few thousand years ago.
It might not be all that complicated.
Some fellow named Matthew wrote the answer down a long time ago when they were using numbers to denote a paragraph or thought.
And so it came to pass that Matthew 7:7 said "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" according to the American King James Version of the Bible.
It's truly amazing that someone wrote down such an eloquent answer 2000 years before Al Gore invented the Internet.
But, it appears people are still looking and asking the same question and fortunately Google is keeping count of how many times its been asked lately.
If this fellow Matthew was still alive he might be some kind of Internet guru in modern times.
Let's take his simple answer and rip apart modern Internetics to see where it leads us.
One good thing is the "ask and it shall be given you" part which loosely interpreted probably means you ask someone and they will give it to you for free.
Great, there's no pulling out a trembling wallet to purchase the latest affiliate program or to buy gallons of the newest miracle juice to satisfy the cravings of the MLM industry.
Now this "seek, and ye shall find" part might seem more difficult until you think of the simple fact that what you are seeking is probably money at least in Internet terms.
Once again, loosely interpreted, this probably means a huge starving market, so size really matters in terms of being sure there's plenty of money in a free opportunity which is always a difficult concept to master especially as you wonder where the money comes from.
"Knock and it shall be opened unto you" has to mean something in the neighborhood of join the opportunity and you'll find the money.
This seems simple enough except for the usual minor problem.
We've all heard, read and seen the sales letters and videos from hundreds of gurus showing diagrams of how he made millions while on vacation in the South Pacific.
So, it must be extremely complicated which leads to the fear factor door.
Most people are just plain afraid to knock.
The national debt is about $14 trillion so if the free opportunity was in the $5.
4 trillion range it should be a qualified opportunity and one that you don't hear the gurus speaking about as if it were a very common thing.
The simplicity of such a program might leave gurus feeling a little left out without any complicated "how to do it" program needed.
It might even force them to join or get left behind.
So what is this unparalleled opportunity? It's called the merchant card processing industry and it certainly doesn't sound exciting or lucrative.
And, it does even sound a little boring until you do some math.
4 trillion is the US amount only so when you add in other countries where plastic is being used, the numbers become astronomical.
Now you know something about a new free program that is about to be unleashed on the traditional affiliate, MLM and social media marketing systems that's going to turn them upside down with money falling out everywhere.
Is it really as simple as that fellow Matthew said?
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