How To Talk To Women - 3 Tips For Making Flirty Conversation

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The art of flirty conversation is something that most women are really good at and most men are terrible at it.
Doesn't seem to make dating easy when one side of the coin is excellent at flirting through conversation and the other side doesn't seem to be able to stand up, does it? Well, if you have ever noticed, there are *some* guys out there that do know how to talk to women and those are the ones that usually don't complain about having a lack of success with females.
Wouldn't YOU like to be one of those guys? Here are three tips for talking to women that will help you out if you want to make flirty conversation: 1) It's NOT just about the words that you use when you are talking to her.
You can take two guys, and feed them the same lines, and one will always do much better than the other one.
The one that does better with the same exact line is the one who understands that it's not just about the words that you use, a lot of what happens depends on HOW you say things to a woman.
A guy who can say things in such a way that makes even the most generic of conversations seem fun to a woman is the one who is going to end up impressing her.
2) You have to be able to make things a two way street with her.
Just walking up to a woman and babbling on and on and on is not going to make her feel like she is having a really fun and flirtatious conversation with you.
You have to make it a two way street and let her do a lot of the talking as well.
In fact, most of the time you want to see her do most of it, you just want to be the one that is leading the direction of where things go with her.
3) You also need to be able to use your conversation with her to create sexual tension.
Most guys don't know how to use conversation to make a woman feel any sexual tension at all.
Instead, they just make her feel really comfortable and that comfort often leads to friendship.
If you are trying to get a woman to want you as more than a friend, then you need to be able to talk to her in a way that makes her feel sexual tension with you.
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