Optimizing Drupal Website For Seo Success

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If you have a Drupal website then it needs to be well optimized to give you better visibility, high quality traffic and consequently improve your conversion rates. At the end of the day, you will get more business if you can come up with a website that is usable for all your web visitors. You will need to invest in quality website SEO for your Drupal site. Below are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

First of all, you need to understand that your Drupal site can be configured to be search engine friendly. It may lack some of the essential components of other platforms that make them SEO friendly but this doesn"t mean that nothing can be done to change this. The first step to create a search engine friendly Drupal site is to make use of Path Auto, CCK and Token. These are common modules which will automatically make your site search engine friendly.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your Drupal website has a fast loading speed. Faster loading sites rank higher than the slower ones and are certainly going to experience a lower bounce rate. In order for you to boost your site speed, you will need to use the boost module. Boost allows you to cache and compress files improving the site loading speed because browsers do not have to reload each item on the page.

Remember that texts will take a shorter time to load compared to images. This is why all your important details on the website must be in textual format rather than using images. For instance, your phone contacts and physical address should be in textual format. You also need to turn on caching on the site.

In website SEO, W3C validation is always very important. This also applies to your Drupal site. By ensuring that your site complies with these standards, you will receive a lot of traffic across multiple browsers and you can quickly find bugs which may compromise the quality of your site. A site which has fulfilled the W3C standards will also have fast loading speed which is always an added advantage.

You also need to invest on on-site and off-site affordable SEO techniques for your Drupal website. When it comes to on-site strategies, first thing you should do is to make sure that the of every page within your site has title tags, Meta description tags, robots Meta tag, and Google Analytics tracking code. The title tags will be used by the search engine to try and understand the main topic of that particular page. The title tag should have fewer than 70 characters, the right keywords and your location.

You can also seek affordable SEO services to optimize the content on your Drupal site. You cannot succeed without quality content on your site. Other off page SEO tactics like link building and the use of social media are also very critical in your campaign. You can always hire an SEO company to perform quality optimization for your Drupal site if most of the things mentioned therein seem too technical.
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