How to Download Songs Onto Rockband 2 for PS3

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    • 1). Start the PlayStation 3 console by briefly placing your finger over the touch-sensitive "Power" button.

    • 2). While at the main screen, move the controller's joystick to highlight the "PlayStation Network" tab and scroll down to select the "PlayStation Store" icon. If you already have an account with the PlayStation Network, you can now sign in to the PlayStation Store; otherwise, you'll be required to create an account.

    • 3). In the "Add-Ons" section of the PlayStation Store, choose "Disc-Based Game Add-Ons" and select the "Rock Band" icon. Note that "Rock Band 2" isn't specifically listed--all "Rock Band" tracks are compatible with every "Rock Band" title.

    • 4). Here you'll find the entire selection of downloadable songs for "Rock Band 2." Individual tracks are available and cost only a dollar a two, though songs bundled in track packs can be purchased at a discount. Some of the most popular track packs include songs from Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, The Grateful Dead, Rob Zombie and Spinal Tap; there also are two separate packs featuring songs from the children's cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants."

    • 5). In some cases, entire albums can be purchased and used for play in "Rock Band 2" for the PlayStation 3. Full albums are, of course, more expensive than track packs, averaging around $20 apiece. But there are a lot more songs included in a full album download as opposed to a "Rock Band" track pack, which typically contains three or four songs.

    • 6). The PlayStation Network also allows you to copy songs from "Rock Band 2" onto your console's hard drive. For less than $5, you can download the "Rock Band Song Export Key." This will allow you to save tracks from both "Rock Band" and "Rock Band 2" for use in any future releases of "Rock Band" for the PlayStation 3.

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