What Are The Long Term Effects Of Smoking?

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Smoking is so entrenched in today's world that most people just accept the toll it takes on society as normal, and that's a shame.
It seems to be the case that if you do something to ruin a persons health slowly, then that's much more acceptable than if you do something that's bad for their health all at once.
And that's how it is when you consider "what are the long term effects of smoking" in today's society.
If you were to offer someone a drink of poisonous chemicals, they would be outraged, saying, "what do you think I am an idiot, those chemicals could kill me or give me cancer".
But that's what smokers do every day, take in a cocktail of chemicals in very small doses, and to them that's ok, even though the cumulative effect over time is the same.
Do they realise that in the United States alone that 1 out of every 5 deaths is smoking related.
Hospitals are crammed full of people that are suffering the long term effects of smoking, taking hospital beds from those that have been injured or needing medical attention through no fault of their own.
The strain on the hospital systems worldwide is well known and it's simply not fair that the health costs for non-smokers should be increased to support a system that is under stress partly due to the long term effects of smoking.
Have you heard that every 8 seconds someone in the world dies of a tobacco-related illness.
It's hard to confirm how accurate this statistic is, but it's been heard several times, if it is true, it's a staggering inditement of how stupid humans can be.
You are not even safe from secondhand smoke, it's claimed that 50,000 die in the US alone each year from secondhand smoke.
That's got to make the long term effects of smoking one of the highest killers of all time, particularly when you consider that this not just a once off event, it continues to kill, year after year, all over the world.
There are other consequences that are not health related, but then if a smoking related outcome ends up killing you, it's not exactly good for your health either.
What's being referred to is fire, usually house fire, you would be surprised how many deaths are caused by fires that are started by cigarettes.
This can be particularly tragic because often other family members are involved, including children.
So if you were wondering what are the long term effects of smoking, above are some of the things you may like to consider.
There are some very good web site available offering much more detail on the other effects of smoking, such as vascular disease, heart disease and other smoking related problems.
Make sure that smoking does not wreck your life, take action Now.
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