The West African Giraffe

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West African Giraffe is also called Niger Giraffe or Nigerien Giraffe.
It's a sub-species of giraffe and is found on the Sahel regions of West Africa.
It's distinguished by its light colored spots unlike the other which have deep reddish spots.
The giraffe's population used to be very high in countries like Senegal and Cameroon but today the y have greatly reduced to less than 200 hundred.
The best sustaining of their herd can be sound in Southwest Niger.
West Africa Giraffes have reduced greatly due the encroachment by humans.
Their areas of habitat have been occupied by farmers and also affected by dramatic droughts that docked the areas during 1800s.
There have been a lot of conservation efforts since the 1990s.
This has led to a great increase in their size.
The numbers have increased from a low of 50 animals to around 175 as of 2007 reports.
These efforts are being done by the Niger government in the northern part of Dosso Partial Faunal Reserve.
West Africa Giraffes migrates seasonally to the drier highlands of Dallol Bosso Valley around 80kilometres during the dry season.
They migrate to an area named as Niamey.
It's through this area that the government is able to monitor their movements.
Here smooth relations between the farmers and the herd are encouraged in order to provide grounds for tourism.
The animal can be observed around this area though organized tours.
The area habitat is known as Tiger Bush and allow bands of trees to thrive therefore providing the animals with their diet.
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