The Essentials of How to Copy Wii Games

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You may be wondering if it is possible and legal to copy Wii games; the quick answer to both questions is yes.
The longer answer will take a bit of explaining.
You can copy Wii discs if you are solely using them in an honest backup only situation.
This means you can't make 50 copies and sell them or give them to your closest friends and your family members.
We all love our Wii games, but we also hate prison.
With that said, here are the basic steps to copy Wii discs: oGet your game disc oCopy the ISO image oBurn it onto a new disc oUse your backup to play It sounds so simple, right? Well, there are a few problems in the simplicity.
For one thing you may have the best burning drive on the market, but if it isn't one of the drives that will successfully copy these particular games then you are wasting your time trying.
The problem is that the Wii games are quite complex and they have a bunch of encryption you have to crack that encryption to copy the Wii discs.
And speaking of encryption you will need some software that can decode it in order to grab that ISO image off the game disc.
There are a few possibilities for some good software to copy Wii games; one of the better choices is Game Copy Wizard.
Those are really the only two things you'll need to copy Wii discs, except of course the Wii game disc originals; there are a lot of really great Wii games, but that's a topic for a different article.
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