Optimum Height of Grape Arbors

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    Arbor Use

    • If your arbor is going to house a hot tub, you may not need as much standing room as if you intend to place a patio set under your vine. Considering what you envision your arbor being used for is the first step in deciding the optimum height for a grape arbor. The optimum height for growing grapes is at least six feet from the ground, with a secondary trellis or support system for the vine at 30 inches. If you are intending your arbor to be first and foremost a place to grow grapes, this is your optimum height.

    Local Pests

    • Another consideration to make when deciding a height for your new arbor is what sorts of pests are native to your area. Squirrels and small rodents can climb to almost any height to reach your grapes, but heavier animals can have some difficulty if you raise the roof of your arbor beyond 7 feet and make sure there are no walls or structures to aid in climbing. Using metal piping or square tubing for your vertical support structure can reduce the likelihood of these larger animals reaching the roof.

    Insect Considerations

    • Ripening grapes draw bees and wasps. If you are concerned about these insects, building an arbor with a high enough roof that you feel comfortable being under with bees present is a good practical tip for deciding on a roof height. A roof of more than 7 feet is unlikely to have hanging fruit coming terribly near your head, and may give you some peace of mind if insects are a concern.

    Local Weather and Arbor Location

    • Depending on the location of your arbor on your property, and what type of severe weather you are subject to, you may want to consider opting for the lowest roof arbor you can fit under. In areas with high winds, and on hillsides, a grapevine can be blown loose from the roof of an arbor and snapped easily in a windstorm. Grapevines are heavy, woody vines when mature. They do not easily bend, so if you are in an area subject to high winds, consider a low roof and a well-tied vine to prevent your vine from snapping.

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