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There are so many weight loss diet plans out there, and if you're trying to lose weight it's easy to get disillusioned after trying diet after diet with no results, or with yo-yo weight loss results.
Instead of falling victim to any more of these short term weight loss plans, here is why many of them don't work and how you can move to a healthy eating plan that will help you achieve and maintain healthy weight loss.

1 - Reinforce Negative Feelings
Since most diet plans focus on avoiding certain foods, they create negativity in your mind. You're not allowed to eat a brownie because it's too much fat, or chocolate, or sugar, or carbohydrates or points. They set up a situation where you feel deprived.
If you turn this around and focus on getting more healthy foods in your diet, that are loaded with nutrients, you will gradually crave those other foods less. If you simply cut out bad foods without increasing good ones, your body will still be craving nutrients or foods.

2 - Lack Of Transition From A Weight Loss Diet Plan To A Maintenance Eating Plan
Weight loss programs that are effective work by creating an imbalance in your diet. The reason your body carries extra weight is because it is out of balance, so a diet to correct that imbalance needs to be imbalanced itself.
But the problem with these diet plans is that there isn't always a strategy to maintain your healthy weight balance, and the pendulum swings back out.

To find a long term healthy diet plan, it needs to become a habit and something that you feel comfortable maintaining. You can't live your life always feeling deprived. You can make adjustments as you go, and usually a healthy diet meal plan works out to become healthier as you get used to it.

3 - Any Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plan is Unsustainable
When there is imbalance in weight, diet and exercise need to be imbalanced to correct your body to a healthy weight. However, there are lots of plans that take this too far and advocate an extreme weight loss diet plan that will give extreme results. These can take the form of low carb, low fat, high fat, low protein, or a combination of these.

Some of these can be effective initially, although they can result in weight loss through muscle rather than fat, and usually plateau. They also don't always provide enough of the energy your body needs to sustain itself and its functions, which comes from carbohydrates.
Diets for quick weight loss that are too extreme will usually cause a bounce back when you either can't stick with the diet or try to go back to a normal diet. A better strategy is to adopt a balanced diet plan that reinforces healthy eating habits you can maintain. I advocate a healthy vegetarian diet plan or vegan diet plan or perhaps a small amount of meat as your starting point. Then you just need to know what eat instead.

Understanding of the major failings of weight loss programs, and how to work on your goals in a healthier way, will help you find a weight loss diet plan that works for you.
Dieting and exercising and not losing weight? I can help you to achieve your goal.

Today, we are consumed with quick results. However, it is important to not neglect our health and well-being while trying to lose weight.

Here are the top 10 worst ways that people today use to try to lose weight.

# 1. Purge diets (bulimia) - These diets are some of the most extreme and dangerous methods for weight loss. Vomitting, laxatives, diuretics all fall under this category and can be disastrous for your health and well being. Trying to lose some weight is never a good enough reason to put your life in this much jeopardy. If you are currently struggling with bulimia please get help immediately.

# 2. Crash diets - Crash diets are little more than starving yourself for vanity and are very dangerous. Crash dieting causes malnutrition and in some extreme cases, death. Crash dieting serves no part in a healthy weight loss program and should always be avoided.

# 3. Surgery (liposuction, gastric bypass) - This is one of the most extreme options for weight loss and should only be considered in emergency situations. That being said, I can't imagine a situation where diet and exercise wouldn't be both better for you and more effective. Many look to surgery for a €quick fix€. However, if they aren't careful, they often find themselves gaining back the weight. Plus, no surgery is without risk and side effects. I'd say the surgery option is only for those extreme cases and where it is recommended by a doctor.

# 4. Appetite suppressants - These drugs have been associated with many dangerous side effects, including fatal pulmonary hypertension and heart valve damage. Some studies have even linked strokes to the use of appetite suppressants. Regardless of their results, these drugs are not worth the risk to your health.

# 5. Fat burners - While these drugs have shown some results, most are in fact, quite dangerous. Several have already been pulled off the market do to their side effects. Most, if not all, are unregulated by the FDA, meaning that they do not undergo the same quality checking that real products do. Also, while they may help some to lose weight, they do nothing towards increasing your health and well being.

# 6. Fad diets (Atkins, south beach, etc) - These sometimes show some results, but most are either not healthy or otherwise unsustainable. For example, the Atkins diet encourages large amounts of fats and cholesterol while eliminating good and healthy carbs. Personally, I'd rather take my carbs and exercise any day over that. One thing these fad diets are good for though is taking people's money.

# 7. Hypnosis - You may find some that say hypnosis works but there is nothing scientific about it. No research has shown this to be an effective method of weight loss, despite the claims you may have heard in commercials. Save your money and buy a treadmill.

# 8. Exercise alone - exercise is important - super important. But to really see some results, a healthy diet is necessary. You really can't expect a lean body if you exercise like crazy but are still eating french fries and doughnuts all the time.

# 9. Being too strict (unsustainable) - what good will all your hard work be if you can't get into a system that you can sustain. Living on celery and jogging 10 miles a day probably won't last you that long. This pattern will lead to burn out and, most likely, gaining back all the weight you may have lost. What is needed is a lifestyle of healthy choices, not a 40 yard dash of strict rules.

# 10. Going it alone - It's hard to go it alone€¦ really hard. If you don't have at least some encouragement and accountability, chances are you won't make it very far. If you need someone to keep you going, try joining a group like Weight Watchers or find some support online. Everyone can find some support from somewhere.
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