How to Decorate With Kites

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    • 1). Select the style of kite for decorating the space. Use traditional kites in a diamond shape with a flowing tail, dramatic kites like Japanese dragons, kites in the shape of an animal or kites with multiple layers creating a 3-D effect. Base the kite type you choose on your own style and decorating preferences. Choose colors that complement the room's existing upholstery, wall coloring, flooring and fabrics.

    • 2). Select the location for your kites. Suspend the kite from the ceiling, hang it in a custom-made frame, place it directly on the wall, lean it strategically in a corner or on a shelf or mount it in the corner so that it appears to be flying. Mount it over a fireplace mantel as a form of modern art. Hang one over your child's bed and paint clouds around it.

    • 3). Select the number of kites you plan to use for your decorating objective. Use one kite in an area to serve as a focal point in the space. Place a matching kite in a different color in all four corners of the room. Create an entire accent wall covered in kites of a certain style.

    • 4). Mount the kites into place. Nail the kite directly onto the wall with several small nails if mounting it flat against the wall. Screw small hooks into the wall and hang the kite from its brace to avoid making holes in the fabric. Hang two hooks from the ceiling and attach fishing line to the kite and then to the hooks to create an object suspended in flight.

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