How to Make a Fairy Garden - Using Fairy Garden Statues

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Some people believe that having fairy garden statues around us connects the spiritual and physical enchantment that we have with these mythical beings.
A feeling of them being close to us and guiding us and somehow being our connection between the earth and heaven.
The legend of fairies is of mystifying fascination and charming beauty, and it is this that you want to incorporate into your fairy garden.
When making a fairy garden you need to make sure that all of the element conducive to attracting fairies is incorporated.
Firstly you will need a place for fairies to rest.
This could be an old tree stump or a rock.
It is always best to start your project in a quiet corner of your garden preferably under the canopy of trees or bushes.
If you have such an area, cut away some of the growth and place your log or rock in the spaces.
A place for a fairy circle which traditionally is made out of a circle of mushrooms or plants.
If you have a lawn you could create your fairy circle here but remember you must never step inside the circle as you could be whisked away to another place.
Fairy garden statues also play a part in you garden as these encourage the real fairies to be playful.
Position the statues in among the flower beds, or make a feature out of it as a center piece.
When using plants, wild plant seeds create the best effect as they are random and attract insects and butterflies which all adds to the overall effect.
A good tip is to plant everything in circles as this is what the fairies really like.
As well as using fairy garden statues, try using other types too.
A good choice is gnomes and elves, which complement them perfectly.
You have now completed your garden for fairies, but make sure you take good care of it and you will be rewarded with good luck and tranquility.
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